Onboard Effects

Richardson Effects offers hand-crafted and vintage-inspired effects. Below are our made-to-order onboard effects, tone filters, and custom wiring harnesses. Use the buttons below to place your order.

Attention luthiers and guitar-makers, our effects make a great addition to any newly built guitar. Use our Contact Us form to ask about wholesale pricing.

If you're interested in modifying one of our effects, or need a custom filter to suit your musical needs, please use our Effects Order Form to request a custom effect.

Our standard onboard effects are made-to-order and ship with only the effect and battery connector, which comes with the only the hot wire connected. If you would like us to supply you with a stereo jack, battery clips, lead wires, switches, push/pull pots, or other components to complete your installation, please use our Effects Order Form.

A tone filter, ready for installation.

Tone Filters

Elevate and refine your sound with our tone filters.

Your new secret weapon for sculpting your tone and removing unwanted noise. Our passive filters don't need a battery and feature three easy connections. 

We love installing them as the last part of the signal chain before the output jack. You can also connect our filters to a mini toggle switch or push-pull pot for bypassing—though we believe once you start using our tone filters, you won't want to play without one.

Our favorite filter design uses corner frequencies below the lowest open string and one octave above the guitar's upper register. It is designed with six-string, standard (or drop-D) tuned guitars in mind, and it provides a natural-sounding filter that preserves and refines your tone.

If you use lower alternate tunings, play an extended scale, or want a more aggressive change in tone, use our Effects Order Form to order a custom filter. 

Pricing for our filters starts at $9.99.

The Mini Clean Machine circuit.

Mini Clean Machine

Bring a clean boost onboard with the Mini Clean Machine

Running on 9 volts, and controlled by either a push-pull pot or a toggle switch, the Mini Clean Machine offers a filtered clean boost inside your guitar that brings out your guitar's best.

Use it for solos, to push your favorite tube amp into overdrive, or leave it on all the time for your new go-to tone. Being switchable means the Mini Clean Machine can be bypassed at any time, preserving your guitar's original tone.

Pricing for the Mini Clean Machine starts at $39.99. 

The Clean Machine circuit.

The Clean Machine

Bring a clean boost and active tone control onboard with the Clean Machine

The effect that started it all. The Clean Machine is a filtered clean boost that brings out the best in your playing. Designed with a vintage-inspired circuit and hand-wired in the USA, the Clean Machine amplifies only the parts you love while also cleaning your signal of unwanted noise.

The Clean Machine functions like the Mini Clean Machine with an added tone control that highlights either the bass or treble. Upon request, we can ship your Clean Machine with a mini trimpot mounted to the effect instead of an externally controlled tone pot. This allows you to preset the effect tone while preserving your guitar's original controls. Please use our Custom Effects Order Form to order this modification. 

See our Instructions for more information on how to fit the Clean Machine into your guitar's existing controls. 

Pricing for the Clean Machine starts at $79.99.

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